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Fire and Water Restoration

Restore safety & Peace of mind

It's hard to imagine anything more traumatizing then a fire or water in your home or business. Even a small fire can cause extensive damage and threaten your family or employee’s sense of security. Niagara Environmental’s knowledgeable personnel can respond quickly 24/7 to help take the first steps in restoring peace of mind.

Our next steps

Surveying the damage of a fire is the first step we take after responding to an emergency call. This information can be used in coordination for restoration or even insurance companies to better assess further costs. The second step our team will take is to ensure the building is secure; this can include boarding up windows/doors, or temporarily constructing a roof or fencing. Once a building is secure, acknowledging contents and limiting secondary damage of soot and water can commence. A combination of HEPA air movers, dehumidifiers and controlled demolition will effectively dry the building and prevent mould growth and other damage. A quick response to a wet structure is nearly as important as putting the fire out.