05/30/2017 - Building Canada 150 years - Asbestos

As Canada approaches it's 150th birthday celebration, Journal Of Commerece has an on-going written series capturing the evolution of our workplace and force - this particular article  covers the history of asbestos within each of these categories.  To read the full article, click the link --> Building Canada 150 - Asbestos: from miracle material to malefactor 

04/27/2017 - Bill 88

In case you were wondering if Bill 88 (ban on the use, reuse, importing, transporting or sale of asbestos in Ontario) is in effect, the answer is no - but definitely on it's way.  You can read more about Bill 88's complete composition and check it's status on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario's website found here - Bill 88, Asbestos Use Prohibition Act, 2017

04/06/2016 - Canadian Asbestos Reform: Mounting Pressure

Here is a recent article written by Tavia Grant from the Globe and Mail refrencing how many groups (such as the Canadian Cancer Society) are putting pressure on Ottawa for asbestos reform.  The squeeze has beeen on for the past year as no real answer to resolution has been achieved.  

"Dozens of groups are pressing Ottawa to join more than 50 countries banning asbestos, a move the Liberal Party supported while in opposition.  A letter sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this month notes that Canada still allows the use of asbestos and lacks a comprehensive strategy to phase out the substance or to promote safe substitutes...."

Even with lack of results, we are glad to keep seeing consistant articles pop up calling for reform -its time for change.  Tavia's full article can be found here

 03/04/2016 - Welcome!

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